6 ThingsTo Do in Jakarta To Get Pleasure Seekers

Prior to the weekend comes around, people are already planning on the best way to spend their time. Back in Things to Do in Jakarta, there are many places to go to and tons of tasks that you could do. In this article, we give you the 15 Weekend Activities in Jakarta. You may always decide to spend your weekend with your mates or family with these actions.

1. Researching Jakarta
Explore the history and the civilization in Jakarta by simply taking a brief tour. The city provides its citizens with a tour bus each weekend. The bus is provided for free and you will choose what type of tour you want depending upon the routes. You can hop on your bus at the special bus stops all over the city.

2. Going to Dufan
For you who wants an unlimited entertainment then Dufan is the best choice. It’s a large theme park filled with rides. The rides can be thrilling for all those who are looking for the adrenaline rush. But family friendly rides will also be available for all those with kids.

3. Hunt for Antiques
Spend your weekend to search for distinctive items. There are antiques offered from the tiny shops along the Surabaya street. Who knows, you may discover something which’s over hundred years old. Nevertheless, you need to use your bargaining ability in these shops to get the best deal. Other than antiques, some shops also sell bags or luggage made locally. Read about Shopping Habits in Indonesia

4. Going to Car Free Day
Car Free day is the day when the Sudirman and Thamrin roads in Jakarta are closed to vehicles. It lasts from 6 A.M. to around 11 A.M. inside this time, you can do your morning jog or run along the roads. You can cycle or simply take a nice long walk while watching the individuals and the actions around you. Individuals will sell street food in Jakarta. You may also catch a local event during the day just like a little parade.

  1. Eat Out
    Spend your weekend by eating out with your family and friends. There are plenty of restaurants within the city to select from. You can eat local food or people which are affected by external cultures. Furthermore, you may also grab some snacks from the street food during the night.Read more about renowned food of Indonesia

    6. Karaoke
    Sing your heart out during the vacation . Book a place at the karaoke with a couple of buddies or family. Spend some quality time with them in a fun and intimate manner. You can sing the classics or the current popular ones. You may also order food or drinks at most karaoke place whilst other take turns singing their songs.