How to Spend the Day in Bali During Nyepi or Day of Silence

If you’re in Bali around March seventeenth, here are a few guides to assist you to experience How to Spend the Day in Bali During Nyepi Holiday or the Day of Silence. This sacred day for Hindus, particularly in Bali, is observed by everyone remaining on the island as a token of respect. For twenty-four hours you’ll see another side of Bali. That it’s an excellent time to meditate and find your inner calmness because the vibrant island falls into an entirely peaceful place and silent state. Facts: It’s performed to observe the Saka New Year. The Day of Silence only lasted for twenty-four hours.

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Nobody except the Pecalang is allowed on the roads. Only emergency vehicles have been allowed to operate; others are going to stop their operation. Ngurah Rai International Airport will stop its action for twenty-four hours from 6 AM March seventeenth at 6 am in March eighteenth, 2018 during The Nyepi period. On Nyepi, Balinese are submerged in Catur Brata Penyepian, or the four fundamental prohibitions of Amati Karya, Amati Geni, Amati Lelungan, Amati Lelanguan. Those of us who do not celebrate Nyepi, still observe and honor this holy day by remaining indoors and make a minimum noise or lights from their premises.

Do’s: Check your resort or travel advisors about it particular day and prepare the route adjustments. Observe the rituals before Nyepi, like the Melasti, where countless devotees march to the beach, the lakes, and the sacred springs, to do a cleansing ritual. Check out how a natives function the Ngerupuk ceremony on Nyepi Eve. Prayers proceed with parading the Ogoh ogoh effigy and set them on fire to signify the act of sending out evil spirits. Stock up on food and drinks because you are going to have to stay indoors for twenty-four hours with a minimum of light, sound, and staffs to support you.

Check your resort to eating inside before Nyepi. Enjoy the clear starry night, listen to the sound of character, and enjoy meditating for daily. You can go to neighboring islands like Lombok or even Banyuwangi on March sixteenth, in case you want to bypass being in Bali at the time of Nyepi. The day after Nyepi is a ceremony named Ngembak Geni, or placing the first light on. Individuals will visit buddies and family members on this day. If you head to Sesetan Village in Denpasar, you can experience the Omed omedan, and a smooching tradition celebrated annually. Make sure to bring a waterproof camera because there’ll be water splashing everywhere. Or head to Kedonganan village in Badung to get Mabuug buugan, a mud bath festival that signifies the act of self-purification.