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Each and every successful author, relies on their most loyal and trusted audience to make good sales. The problem is to have a big, loyal audience that are always there to support your work and thus to build on this kind of an audience you will have to follow the following techniques.

A successful author should establish a way where he can directly contact his audience. Embracing the use of social media can greatly market on your work. Social media is used by millions of people worldwide and thus able to get the maximum market.

One can also connect to his audience easily by using a website that is well known and established or the use of your own blog, direct press release send to your list of loyal fans, RSS feeds, or even via your page as an author. Use of the website will not only give great returns, but will also bring an increase in the list of your loyal fans.

Free articles will always attract new audience to your work. One is always motivated to read an article of a writer that they are well familiar with, and thus the writer should work on himself getting noticed in the market. Thus to get more new audience, one should embrace giving a taste of his work freely to the market.

Having set goals will determine the future of a piece of writing. The author should know what audience to be sold and the amount of sales expected. Incase a work that was previously offered free to the market gains great popularity, then the writer should never consider selling it as this will portray a bad image.

Each and every work posted by an author should be his best as this will always build on your reputation. Every reader wants to buy and read that which is perfect, thus this should be the drive of every writer.

Great sales will always be an attribute to great marketing, reduction in marketing will always negatively decline the sales. A writer should learn about his specific audience and be willing to have a follow up on them.

Protecting your work as a writer is of great essence. Many are the times writers have lost their work and even go to court. Having DRM eBooks and complicated URL on your download page will help ensure your work is protected.

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