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Why is it Important to Learn Nursery Rhymes?

You might have still remembered the first nursery rhymes you learned as a child. Nursery rhymes are old but are still present today. In a modernized time, nursery rhymes can be found in more colorful illustrations and larger books.

I bet you can still recite or sing the songs you learned ever since you have started to talk. This is a very important way to enhance the reading development of a child. What is the importance of sharing the nursery rhymes and old tales?

It develops language.
Even the youngest children learn to sing or speak a nursery rhyme which will help them to verbalize a full sentence and comprehend vocabularies at this early age. To be able to learn the basic language patterns and structures of the language English, a child should learn a nursery rhyme. When they learn the rhythm of language, they may also develop a sense of poetry. Children will have to read and repeatedly hear a sentence or the language before they can actually understand the statement. One way of exposing the children to rhythm and to the language and sounds of each word, a child should learn to read or recite the nursery rhyme loudly.

Learning nursery rhyme enhances vocabulary development.

Enhancement of the child’s vocabulary can be achieved through singing or reading different nursery rhymes. For example, the nursery song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star has the complex words wonder and twinkle. These are the words that are not usually heard in a normal conversation but still learned. A child’s learning to read can be because their exposure to new words and concepts.

Learning nursery rhymes can enhance cognitive development of children.
Singing nursery rhymes is a great way to enhance a child’s ability to recall or memorize information. Learning nursery rhymes helps the child to practice with sequencing of events. Many stories and nursery rhymes have clear beginnings, middles and endings. The child will enhance its ability to verbalize the story in a right sequence. As long as the child retells the story in a sequential manner, it is okay if he or she does not verbalize the exact words written in the book.

If you do not have books containing nursery rhymes to teach your child, it is better if you purchase one. Nursery rhymes are very colorful and it is very fun if you read it together with your child. You can teach your child nursery rhymes whenever you are together and it is very convenient and effortless. Give your child a time to practice and he or she can read and talk in no time.

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